500,000 Words

The annual challenge begins again!

500,000 words in a year.  I should just start the coffee IV right now.

This is the year of finishing some the WIPs I’ve started and been distracted from, by fair means or foul.  On that list:

In alphabetical order…

Bewitch Me More (Bewitch Me #2)

Bright’s Ferry Box Set – 1-3

Ensnared (Hearts of Stone – Prequel)

Ethan (The Kringle Boys #2)

His to Pleasure – (Possession #1)

His to Seduce – (Possession #2)

Kiss of the Wild Wolf (Wild Wolves #1)

Knight’s Affair #1

Safe From the Storm (Bright’s Ferry #3)

Safe From the Wild (Bright’s Ferry #4)

Shadow of the Raven (Hearts of Stone – Prequel)

The Shattered Balance (Hearts of Stone #1)

Shiny Things

Teach Me Tonight – Anthology (Two new stories – Show & Tell and With Flying Colors with Jane Gaudet) – 20K (new material only)

Torn Asunder (Rift Guardians #1)

Touch of the Wild Wolf (Wild Wolves #2)

A Wave in the Heart (Untamed Elements #1)

4 thoughts on “500,000 Words”

  1. Damn girl, that is awesome and inspiring! Go get’em! 🙂

  2. That’s fantastic! NaNoWriMo really helped me get my word count up. Now I’m averaging about 1500 per day but I’d love to get 2-3K per day. Any tips you can share? BTW,love the header image!

    • Thanks! I think the best piece of advice I try to follow is – don’t panic when you fall behind. Just get back up on the horse…LOL…note my tiny word count up there. I tend to write in blocks, so if you check back by the end of the week, it’ll probably be MUCH higher. The worst thing you can do is stress that it’s not going as fast as you want it to – focus on good, fun, HOT, rather than speedy. 🙂

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